Kings Diamond Jet

Double registered
APHA 902,200/Pinto 142539

APHA/PINTO stallion.
Jet is homozygous for the
black & tobiano gene. Has been
shown at Halter. Excellent conformation & foundation bloodlines. Give us a call and let's plan for the 2015 season. Remember Jet is a
proven color producer EVERY TIME.
Old foundation lines of Mr King Rebel,Sabru Indio,
Breed your mare:  $500/multi mare discount
Ask about our 4-H discounts & out cross deals..
We are there for you.
As always, We accept
Visa/MC/Discover/AE/PayPal for stud fees.



              Billy Dee 
PANDA  filly  APHA
   Check out his kids! Aren't they adorable?
And so smart!
   People have said Jet foals are clever, easy to work with,very affectionate and with just the right amount of "hot" to keep it interesting.
  They just seem to be so willing to try new things, They learn so fast, very trusting.

  PANDA   $950 terms
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